Thursday, 23 February 2012

Communicate Effectively

Not to be afraid of speaking . Always defend what you want to say . Express exactly what you mean to say . Listen while are you not speaking . Do not say something that will hurt somebody's feeling . Always think twice before saying something . Once you have said something you can never go backward , you must back it up . Everybody will be able to identify exactly what you say , what you think , what you want . listen and don't interrupt when it is no longer your turn to speak . If a person is speaking , it's because she / he wants to be heard . Listening is a gift , good listeners are always very appreciated because there are only a few . Effective communication will help you to express yourself better , allow you to let other people express themselves , help you to change your environment toward your own thoughts and beliefs . Words inspire no fear . Speak them . Words make you strong . Support them . Words show what you are and what you think . Do not let yourself be misunderstood . Words are valuable . Listen to them !

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